Self-guided and Empowering

Enjoy online learning with the experts at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

✔ Our instructors are all experts in their field.

✔ Everything is included - you do not have to buy expensive books or materials to gain an education.

✔ The programs are self-paced and self-directed.

✔ Choose a program based on your needs.

Getting Started

Our courses align to principles of New Thought and spirituality. Faculty members present comprehensive content, while ensuring theory is clearly understandable to the student.

Courses include curriculum with questions and ideas for practical application as well as suggested reading for further exploration. Once a course is downloaded, the learner can access that course at any time, take lessons at their own pace, and spend all the time necessary to practice and apply the learning and principles. The knowledge and principles can be integrated and used immediately by the learner.

Each course comprises of an introduction and several lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by an instructional video where the student can see and listen to instructor as often as necessary. Each course has accompanying curriculum with additional questions (both reflective and practical application exercises).  The learner can explore the content at a deeper level or apply in a real life situation.


Frequently Asked Questions for Life-long Learners

  • How much do courses cost?


  • Is there a time limit to courses?

    No, once purchased you will always have access to your course(s). You may also download all of the curriculum onto your personal computer or devices.

  • Can I use these courses towards credit towards a college or University degree?

    No, The courses in this Institute are not transferrable to accredited college or university (supported by Federal Government funds). There is no official agency governing the courses offered by the Institute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning International.

  • If I decide to pursue the Ministerial Path, will the courses I have already taken count?

    The answer depends but many courses in lifelong learning path may apply depending on the nature and content of course.