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Deborah Dagit is a compelling and vocal advocate for people with disabilities.

Known for her pragmatism and her subject matter expertise with regards to all dimensions of diversity, Deb has 22 years of experience as a diversity practitioner, and has worked as a top executive in both the Information Technology and Health care fields informing both HR and business practices and strategies. As the only Chief Diversity Officer with a visible disability, she has often found herself in the unenviable position of being the sole voice in the room to advocate for societal and workforce inclusion for people with disabilities.

Are you Ready to Put Your Whole Self In?

In this conversation on Diversity and Inclusion you will acquire the foundational tools and strategies as a leader in your organization to create and continue to grow a culture of inclusion for everybody regardless of race, color, creed, gender orientation, or disability.

If you're ready to bring your whole self to work and show up authentically while leading with humility, this course will help you build and grow an organization with open doors, open minds, and open systems.

  • Learn why it is important as a leader to have the courage to take risks, speak up, ask for help, connect with others in a genuine way, and allow ourselves to be truly seen.

  • Understand how commitment, intention, and courage work together for leaders and organizations to create environments that are conducive to authenticity and humanity.

  • Explore how lack of psychological safety makes it difficult for teams and organizations to thrive and perform at their highest level because people are holding back some of who they really are.

  • This course will prepare you for when or if an employee comes to you with Diversity issues.

“We want a world that works for everyone, but it begins with each of us inside our own organizations.”

Rev. Christie Hardwick

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Intro & Living History

    • Introduction

    • Living History

  • 2

    Part 2: Foundational Elements of Diversion and Inclusion (D & I)

    • Foundational Elements

  • 3

    Part 3: Application Principles of D & I

    • Application Principles

    • Conclusion

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Rev. Christie Hardwick

Rev. Christie is an ordained Religious Science Minister, a leadership development expert and master facilitator. She spent 30 years in High Tech ending as an executive and has had her own executive coaching practice for over 15 years. She received her Masters Degree in Human Resources and Organization Development from University of San Francisco and was a member of the executive committee of the Women’s Leadership Board for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Founder of Inspiration Gatherings, Christie creates music and spoken word events to invite us to walk our path with a more open heart. She lives between St. Petersburg, Florida and Umbertide, Italy. She and her wife Jane have four children and five grandchildren between them. They travel extensively and love their life of adventure. Visit inspirationgatherings.org to learn more.