Learn to move beyond grieving, and help others move beyond their grief too!

Why is moving BEYOND GRIEVING important for you?

Grieving isn’t limited to people who die - we grieve the loss of a pet, a job, a relationship, or the way we used to live. Any loss that brings up deep feelings of sadness can be grieved and should be honored.

What loss is breaking your heart?

In this course, you learn how to accept, stand for and show up as yourself in your pain - and then begin to take steps moving forward. You may feel this is disloyal to the loss you love so deeply and are grieving, but rather you’ll begin to experience new ways to include your loss in your becoming. The importance of this is that in this space of honoring yourself, even your pain, you are more available to the guidance of who or what you’ve lost, Spirit, intuition, the voice of Creator… and it is this voice that will keep you safe and intact in a rapidly changing world.

  • Learn how to be with yourself and your feelings as you grieve, to even love them.

  • Transform the weight of grief by relentlessly protecting yourself, and giving your grief a spine.

  • Learn how to more completely identify the emotions you’re feeling and to be with them.

  • Give your grief a place of honor in your attention.


Rev Michelle Hubbard

Guest Instructor

Rev. Michelle Hubbard is a New Thought minister, Youth Minister with Unity of Santa Barbara, Leadership and Transformation coach, admissions consultant and juris doctorate who had a legal career in California before moving to Hawaii and becoming a sought after law school admissions consultant and Unity ministerial candidate. She eventually returned to California to become an ordained minister, International spiritual and motivational speaker, teacher and author.

Learn what Rev. Michelle is up to at her Facebook page and her website .

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • ILLLI.Beyond-Grieving-Intro

  • 2

    Chapter One

    • ILLLI.Beyond-Grieving 1

  • 3

    Chapter Two

    • ILLLI.Beyond-Grieving 2

  • 4

    Chapter Three

    • ILLLI.Beyond-Grieving 3

  • 5

    Chapter Four

    • ILLLI.Beyond-Grieving 4

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