Frequently Asked Questions for Lifelong Learners

  • How much do courses cost?


  • Is there a time limit to courses?

    No, once purchased you will always have access to your course(s). You may also download all of the curriculum onto your personal computer or devices.

  • Can I use these courses towards credit towards a college or University degree?

    No, The courses in this Institute are not transferrable to accredited college or university (supported by Federal Government funds). There is no official agency governing the courses offered by the Institute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning International.

  • If I decide to pursue the Ministerial Path, will the courses I have already taken count?

    The answer depends, but many courses on the Lifelong Learning path may apply depending on the nature and content of course.

Frequently Asked Questions for Licensing Program

  • When can I apply?

    You can apply at any time and there are no deadlines for admissions. You will work on your own individualized learning plan (which will vary for each candidate depending on previous work and life experience) once you are admitted to our program.

  • How long will the program take?

    Spiritual Leaders in Training may complete the ILLLI Licensing Program in as little as 18 months. The Admissions and Review Committee will determine and provide a timeline for your course of study and learning path upon acceptance. Reflective questions are provided for all courses. These downloadable pdfs provide guidance and exercises based on each lesson. You are required to complete all reflective questions and exercises provided in order to progress on your path.

  • How much does your Spiritual Licensing Program cost?

    The average cost of completion of the ILLLI Spiritual Leadership Licensing Program can vary between $3,000-$5,000 depending on your level of previous experience. Fees are payable in monthly payments.

  • What happens after I apply? How long does it take for my application to be processed?

    Once you have applied and submitted all your materials requested by the Institute, you will be contacted by staff member who will confirm your application is complete. Your application fee of $150 is non-refundable.

    The Admissions committee will review your application and determine your eligibility for the Institute’s Credentialing and Licensing path. This process may take a few weeks.

    If you are deemed to be a potential candidate you will be invited to interview with members from the Admissions committee (in-person or via Skype/Zoom). Once your interview is complete and if you are accepted into the program you will be assigned mentors who will work with you for the duration of your studies and tenure in our licensing and credentialing program.

    You will then create your licensing and credentialing course study path in conjunction with the Dean of Education and your mentor.

    During this time you will determine your path, based on feedback from the Admission Committee’s review of your application and based on your previous work and life experiences.

  • If I have already taken courses in the Lifelong Learning path, will those courses count towards my Ordination Credentialing?

    Yes, they may be applicable depending on content and skillset within course.

  • Where can I work with an Ordination License from The Institute?

    Anywhere you find a community that is open and accepting of your mission and your vision. You are the difference maker.

  • Will I have a lot of homework to complete?

    Homework is holistic in nature and does not include standardized tests or multiple choice tests. You will maintain a portfolio of all your reflection and questions based on the curriculum provided. You will be required to provide evidence of reflection and application of the concepts acquired in our courses. Your growth in our program will be monitored by your mentors and faculty members.

  • Is my ordination for life or do I have to renew?

    Active leaders must maintain affiliation with the Institute. You can maintain your affiliation as follows; Through regular annual financial support (pay it forward - support ongoing scholarship and financial support to others) to remain on the Leadership Directory; Continuing on-going education (a minimum of one course per year with Institute); and/or Volunteering, developing a course for the Institute, or serving as a mentor for other leadership candidates.