Are You Ready to Transform?

Do you often ask yourself, “I want to be who I truly am?" If so, this course will change your vibrations and raise your consciousness.

  • Get Connected

    Reconnect to the highest source of consciousness and learn a new skill to reenergize your vibrations and raise your consciousness.

  • Find Healing

    The healing power of mysticism connects you to a higher vibration. You will learn to journey to facilitate healing of mind, body, and soul.

  • Release Your Ego

    Access your own core values and heal yourself of karma as you discover that you are the light of your own knowledge.

An Introductory and Foundational Course

Learn how mysticism can support you on your earthly incarnation as a human being.

Mysticism is the precursor to the feeling of Divine Love. The initial recognition of soul to soul that poets and songwriters talk about. This powerful and in-depth course will take approximately 12 hours to complete, and provides the student with many opportunities to begin daily mystical practices. 

Bonus class included! Included in this course is a 40 minute Radiance Healing, Karma Clearing, and Mystical Activation that will guide you on your very own mystical journey to experience a powerful radiance awareness for yourself.

Once courses are purchased, students may access them at any time to review and learn. The additional written material accompanying each video lesson in this course gives you the opportunity to reflect on recognizing your mystical experiences.

Acquaint yourself with the mystical world within you.

In this course you will learn how to harness Mysticism in your daily life, and how to utilize your intuition. Educate yourself on the real meaning of Mysticism (meaning to protect) and how your mystical self not only protects you but helps you create a safe, abundant, and joyous life on planet earth.

  • Become self-empowered, more energized, and learn to reconnect with your intuition and your mystical essence.

  • Learn why, without Mysticism our life becomes dry and detached if we only rely on a secular scientific technological awareness of life.

  • Connect with your dreams and discover why they are gateways to mystical and inner experiences.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter One: The Mystical Experience

    • Why We Need Mysticism Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #1

  • 2

    Chapter Two: Mysticism in Your Daily Life

    • Mysticism in Your Daily Life Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #2

  • 3

    Chapter Three: Harness Your Intuition

    • How to Harness Your Intuition Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #3

  • 4

    Chapter Four: Understanding Your Dreams

    • Understanding your Dreams Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #4

  • 5

    Chapter Five: Wellbeing and Health

    • How Mysticism Supports Your Wellbeing and Health Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #5

  • 6

    Chapter Six: Healing and Rejuvenation

    • How to Access your Mystical Light for Healing and Rejuvenation Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #6

  • 7

    Chapter Seven: Relationships

    • The Mysticism of Relationships Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #7

  • 8

    Chapter Eight: Divine Romance

    • Divine Romance Study Guide

    • Mysticism: Course #8

  • 9

    Bonus Material

    • Bonus Class

    • Bonus Course: A Mystical Radiance Healing Journey - Clearing Karma; Receiving Bliss


Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade is the Dean of Mysticism for the Institute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning International. She is a modern day mystic, poet and visionary leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions. Creator of “The Radiance Journey ” a path to mystical knowledge – Uniting the magical with the material – Soul purpose and mystery with everyday life. She is a pioneer in the art of spiritual dance. In 2004 Deirdre founded Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation as a form of energy healing mystical wisdom based on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Today called, The Radiance Journey. Deirdre has given Radiance Journey healings and retreats to thousands throughout the country from The Omega Institute, The ACADEMI of Life in New York City, The Evolutionary Healing Institute in Miami, Florida to Sacred Space in Santa Barbara. Deirdre’s Oracle Gift book, The (not so) Little Book of Surprises, released in 2016, received a silver Covey Award and was performed to a standing room only audience at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center, NYC.