Ready to shift your consciousness?

Reawaken your own inner heart centered metaphysician, and learn to seek within the answers you are looking for. This course is a necessary class for anyone considering the Ordination/Licensing Path, or for anyone seeking to heal past relationships with his/her religious upbringing.

  • Discover metaphysical truths in ancient texts like the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

  • Explore the writings of Charles Fillmore, Joseph Murphy, Ernest Holmes, Paramnahansa Yogananda, Paul Hasselbeck, Patrick Francis (Paddy McMahon) and many others.

  • The course connects the history and foundation of Metaphysics to our present day understanding of energies and quantum physics.

Foundational Principles

Delve deeply into metaphysical concepts like the nature of God and being as you explore the fundamentals of Metaphysics. Rev. Dr. Aileen Curtin demonstrates and explains how to shift our consciousness from victimhood to the highest Christ consciousness using examples and stories from her own life and her experiences as an educator, spiritual teacher, and minister.

Additional written material accompanying each video lesson gives you the opportunity to reflect on previous experiences with religion and self-limiting beliefs, and will help you move past any self-limiting or false beliefs you may have about prayer.

For future spiritual leaders and seekers alike, this course will show you how to raise your own consciousness.

  • Deep Awareness

    Awaken the heart-centered metaphysician within you.

  • Solid Foundation

    Become grounded in your personal relationship with the world.

  • Spiritual Leadership

    Model for others your ability to delve into metaphysical truths.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro to Reawakening Your Inner Metaphysician Study Guide

    • Intro to Reawakening your Inner Metaphysician

  • 2

    Understanding the metaphysical background

    • Understanding the Metaphysical Background Study Guide

    • Understanding the Metaphysical Part 1

    • Understanding the Metaphysical Part 2

  • 3

    Absolute Reality

    • Absolute Reality Study Guide

    • Absolute Reality

  • 4

    Who is Jesus?

    • Jesus Study Guide

    • Jesus

  • 5

    Existence in Relative and Absolute

    • Existence in Relative and Absolute Two Worlds Study Guide

    • Existence in Relative and Absolute Part 1

    • Existence in Relative and Absolute Part 2

  • 6

    The Trinity

    • The Trinity Study Guide

    • The Trinity

  • 7

    Lesson 6

    • Afterlife, Death and Angels Study Guide

    • Afterlife Death and Angels

  • 8

    What Course to Take Next?

    • What Course Should I Take Next Study Guide

    • What Course Should I Take Next


Aileen Curtin


Rev. Dr. Ellen “Aileen” Curtin, a native of Ireland and a native Gaelic speaker grew up in a Celtic Metaphysical family in the Southwest of Ireland. She holds a Bachelor Degree and Diploma in Religious education from National University of Ireland at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, a Master’s Degree in education from Texas Wesleyan University and a Doctorate in Philosophy degree (PhD) from University of North Texas. She is an Ordained Minister, spiritual teacher, educator, certified life and executive coach, yoga teacher (E-RYT-500) and a Usui Reiki Master Healer and Arcing Light Practitioner. Rev. Dr. Curtin is a published author. She presents locally, nationally and internationally. She is a member of First Unity Spiritual campus spiritual leadership team and currently serves as the Dean of Education for the Institute for Leadership and Lifelong Learning International.