An Unlimited Flow of Love

How do you feel about having an unlimited capacity to receive? What would happen if you let go all expectations, concerns, and fears, into the ocean of Love in which you live?

If you feel like you're floundering in these uncertain times, you can know there' s a stabilizing power within you, that is guiding your way. This course provides opportunities for you to listen, practice prayer with Diane, and create your own personal meditation practice.

  • Reacquaint yourself with the God of the New Testament, as the intangible Love that's in the midst of conditions, the innate essence in which you live and move and have your very being.

  • Learn to become self-empowered and more energized as you reconnect with your Source.

  • Lift your sense of humanity, and raise your consciousness, by enhancing your understanding that you are the image and likeness of God.

“Remember the truth of you. There is something greater taking place than this momentary experience. When you recognize and accept the strength within you, you'll be able to see that same truth in others. You are, we are, here to shine our own light.”

Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger

Reenergize Your Vibrations

When you pray attention to your Self, you can't help but shine!

Are you ready to love your self, just the way you are, as you evolve? Are you ready to stay open-hearted right here and right now? Are you ready to be a light in a dark place?

Whether you are re-engaging with your spirituality, or exploring for the first time, this course will help you learn how prayer connects you to the real world within you. Take this course, and feel God as the Love in you.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Lesson #1

  • 2

    Your Regenerating Heart

    • Lesson #2

  • 3

    Sweet Surrender

    • Lesson #3

  • 4

    Feel the Touch

    • Lesson #4

  • 5

    Allow God to Be in You

    • Lesson #5

  • 6

    The Divine Plan Unfolding

    • Lesson #6

  • 7


    • Lesson #7

Required Reading

This course is comprised of 7 classes, each beginning with a short video, followed by a pdf with questions for you to answer and complete, in sequence. To begin this course, you’ll need to order your own hard copy of the book Pray Attention ~ 5 Sacred Meditations with Audio available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger

Diane grew up in New Thought, and was ordained a Unity minister in 1997. She is spiritual leader of Pray Attention Ministries , an alternative Unity church without walls, that shares down-to-earth ideas and practices for staying wide open. With honor degrees from George Mason University and Unity School of Christianity, Diane loves to guest speak, write, teach, help vulnerable children, coach, and facilitate gatherings. She serves Avow Hospice’s spiritual advisory board, co-emcee’s Unity annual conventions, is a Special Olympics chaplain, and a new side-walker for Therapeutic Riding. She’s been Sr Minister of Unity churches in VA and FL, a PBS TV host, radio personality, received the YWCA Women of Achievement Award in religion, walked 480 miles across Spain’s Camino, and now, is thrilled to be on the faculty of ILLLI!

Learning Never Ends

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