• Curb your Sugar

    Find out easy ways to keep track of your daily sugar intake while reversing the negative effects of sugar in your diet.

  • Assess Eating Habits

    With a focus on increasing health and vitality, this course will help you to lose weight and eliminate sugar in your diet.

  • Learn Tips & Techniques

    Discover practical facts and tips about water and diet, as well as how to read labels on beauty, food and cleaning products.

The Sugar Pandemic

Did you know many diseases stem from sugar consumption? In 1822 the average consumption per person was 9 grams of sugar a day. In 2017, the average consumption is 152 grams a day. Our diets are saturated with sugar and sugar addiction is no longer an epidemic but a pandemic.

  • Kick the sugar habit to enjoy more energy and live your life without aches and joint issues!

  • Increase your health and vitality, and eliminate fuzzy brain through a stronger mental agility.

  • Live a happier and more vibrant life as you stem the tide to reverse the negative effects of sugar in your diet.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Wellness Study Guide

    • Introduction to Wellness

  • 2


    • Dehydration Study Guide

    • Dehydration

  • 3

    Sugar Addiction

    • Addiction Study Guide

    • Sugar Addiction 1 of 2

    • Sugar Addiction 2 of 2

  • 4

    Curbing your Sugar Addiction

    • Curbing your Sugar Addiction Study Guide

    • Eating Plan

    • Curbing Sugar Addiction Part 1

    • Curbing Sugar Addiction Part 2

    • Curbing Sugar Addiction Part 3

  • 5

    Environmental Wellness

    • Environmental Wellness Study Guide

    • Environmental Wellness


Barbara Bertucci


Barbara Bertucci comes from a family of health care professionals as her father was a leading General Practitioner in New Orleans and her brothers are doctors as well. Barbara made a decision early on in her life to support people on their healthcare path both traditionally and alternatively. She was a Medical Office Manager and Medical Billing Specialist for over 17 years, and a reflexologist for 22 years. The greatest love of her professional career is Nikken where she has had the privilege of being a Royal Diamond for the past 18 years.

Barbara brings compassion, clarity and coaching to all of her clients towards achieving an amazing life. Her mantra is, “Life is meant to be great and I am thriving.”

She brings to her resume a rich past. She was recruited and chosen to be one of two Americans to play for a Swiss basketball team in Europe at a very young age, she was Mrs. St. Petersburg in 2004 and she is a breast cancer –THRIVER. As she says, “Thanks to Nikken and alternative practices, I thrive rather than survive.”