Feel Overwhelmed by the Law School Application?

Applying to law school can feel like a very overwhelming and lonely process. Dr. Michelle Hubbard, law school admissions consultant, helps you navigate applying to law school in this four-part course. Increase your chances for being accepted as you prepare a strong, positive impression with step-by-step guidance and resource information to help you succeed.

In this course, Dr. Michelle Hubbard gives you the same guidance, support, and advice she’s been giving her admissions consulting clients for over 20 years. These tips and tools have led to multiple acceptances, even for nontraditional applicants.

  • Everything you need to know about the process of applying for law school. Join Dr. Hubbard for an insider's view in this lesson, Overview of the Law School Application Process.

  • It's vital to know what your law school expects to see as your Resume, and then to be sure to give it to them. In How to Write Your Resume you'll explore the differences between an academic Resume for law school and an employment Resume to get a job.

  • Go step-by-step in How to Write Your Personal Statement, through THE most important part of your application, including how to craft an introductory paragraph to catch and keep an admissions committee’s attention, plus choices in format and what NOT to do.

  • In the final lesson How to Write Your Addendum, you'll learn the circumstances to consider writing an Addendum, the format for writing it, and what to do if your law school doesn’t allow for one.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter One

    • 1.1 Overview of the Law School Admissions Process

    • 1.2 Overview of Admissions Process PDF

  • 2

    Chapter Two

    • 2.1 Writing Your Resume

    • 2.2 Your Resume PDF

  • 3

    Chapter Three

    • 3.1 Writing Your Addendum

    • 3.2 Your Addendum PDF

  • 4

    Chapter Four

    • 4.1 Writing Personal Statement

    • 4.2 Your Personal Statement PDF

    • 4.3 Resources

Meet Dr. Hubbard

Leadership and Transformation Specialist, Minister, Public Speaker, Teacher and Author

Dr. Michelle Hubbard is a juris doctorate with a long standing legal career, and is a sought after law school admissions consultant. Specializing in helping non-traditional law school applicants — those with low LSAT/gpa numbers, older applicants, and ESL students — make a strong, positive impression. Her guidance and expertise has led many of her clients to multiple acceptances, including at top-tier schools like USC.

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