Acceptance Begins with Knowledge

As a spiritual leader or teacher you must be open and willing to always grow in understanding of other faiths and religions. This course will guide you in becoming aware of the many conditioned religious beliefs and judgments you may have accepted from other people and their faith-based beliefs.

  • Learn how to disagree without becoming disagreeable, as well as how to conduct an interfaith dialogue with others.

  • Heal and release conditioned religious beliefs from your past and lovingly open your heart and connect with the people and world.

  • See past the external differences of faith to the One Power and One Presence underlying all religious faiths and traditions.

Opening the Dialogue of Understanding

Explore the common threads that unite rather than divide us.

Creating interfaith dialogue within our spiritual communities is vital to being spiritual leaders. Learn to release conditioned beliefs about other religions and other faiths, and how to move to a place of accepting there are many paths and labels used to describe the One Presence and One Power in the Universe.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why is Interfaith Important?

    • Importance of Interfaith Study Guide

    • Lesson 1 Why is Interfaith Important?

  • 2

    One Mountain Many Tribes

    • One Mountain Many Tribes Study Guide

    • Lesson 2 One Mountain Many Tribes

  • 3

    Embracing Interfaith

    • Embracing Interfaith Study Guide

    • Lesson 3 Embracing Interfaith


Kimberley Harrell


Rev. Kimberley is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Crystal Healer. Rev. Kimberley is an ordained Interfaith Minister who has been a spiritual counselor, teacher and CEO at Tennessee’s New Thought/Metaphysical Healing Center. She is a descendant of Cherokee Ancestors, is a Professional Success Coach and a successful Radio Host with an internationally acclaimed show, Be Happy and Be Healthy available for download on iTunes.