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Join instructors Jan Rysdon and Bonnie Snyder as they teach and show parents, grandparents, and leaders (including teachers and spiritual leaders) how to teach children to express resilience, and emotional balance. You'll acquire practical tips and strategies you can model for and teach children like: emotional regulation, how to embrace stress, and to utilize challenges as creative opportunities.

  • Learn how children can learn to be resilient when they are taught how to manage their emotions.

  • Teach your children strategies and tools for emotional regulation, coping with stress, and being resilient, while they learn to balance their brains and retain the ability to be creative.

  • Learn tips on how to support the ‘grounding’ of children’s inherent gifts and abilities, plus more about children’s varying learning styles.

Learning to be Resilient

Children benefit from strategies and tools for emotional regulation, coping with stress, and being resilient.

When children learn to be resilient and benefit from knowing how to be grateful, they balance their brains and retain the ability to be creative. They can think outside the box, work in community, and know that everyone has something to share.

Recommended Reading

Help for finding ways to be Heart Thought-Ful, which will give you more peace of mind and the ability to live with a bit less stress and more joy for yourself (and your children).

A Blueprint for Happy, Resilient Parents, Teachers & Kids by Bonnie Snyder and Jan Segers Rysdon (2020) Diamond Pathways, Clearwater, FL. Available on Amazon for Kindle and as a paperback. We recommend the paperback edition.

Angel Violet’s Magic Wings by Bonnie Snyder is a full color, beautifully illustrated storybook. With parent notes to guide a parent, grandparent or caregiver on how to call on Angel Violet to help children explore their feelings. This story is an easy way for children (4-8 years old and especially the highly sensitive/intuitive children) to learn how to feel safe and shift from feeling yucky to “sparkling” again. It’s a tool for children and caregivers to manage the stresses and challenges of everyday living so they can understand themselves and others better.  

What to Expect

In this course, parents will learn how to:

  • Set the Stage

    Encourage positive communication and behaviors by explaining these strategies are used for positive behavior (not as discipline).

  • Lead by Example

    Explain that you use strategies yourself, and use them in front of children whenever possible.

  • Implementation

    Assist children in creating routines and setting up their environments, and discuss your experiences.

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Course Curriculum

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    New Chapter

    • Blueprint for a Happy Resilient Family Study Guide

    • Lesson 1: Kids

    • Lesson 2: Kids

    • Lesson 3: Kids

    • Additional Resources

    • Heart-Thoughtful Strategy Log


Jan Segers Rysdon, M.A., CHt

Jan Segers Rysdon, M.A., CHt., (formerly known as Jan Ballantine), taught children in first grade through middle school for nine years before moving to the college level in 1981 while obtaining a master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language when she lived in Puerto Rico. At St. Petersburg College she taught oral and written communication skills, created the last online course (Public Speaking), and coordinated an international health education grant program. After retiring, she became a hypnotist, stress management consultant, and mindfulness educator. For over 30 years Jan has been practicing self-hypnosis and visualization techniques as well as teaching them to clients, students, and the general public. Currently she is co-developing Heart-Thoughtful Mindfulness materials with Bonnie Snyder; they currently have two books available on Amazon. As a volunteer at an elementary school in Tarpon Springs, FL, she helps children read, write, learn English, and study various subjects. Visit Jan at and

Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC, DECP

Certified Professional Coach, Graduate of the Authentic Happiness coaching program (Positive Psychology), and with a Diplomate in Energy Psychology. Bonnie supports and inspires her clients in overcoming their challenges and finding their inner happiness. Her book, Angel Violet’s Magic Wings , wisely guides children to trust their heart and to take time to notice how they feel. Bonnie brings her background in teaching, counseling, and coaching at elementary as well as college levels, where she has taught Empowerment and Communication Skills. She has also conducted vocational testing and stress management programs. She incorporates "power therapies" and trauma-based modalities not only with children and families, but also with businesswomen and men. Her focus on simple techniques to quickly manage and overcome stress and to release old patterns has helped hundreds of individuals. One of Bonnie's specialties is supporting highly sensitive and intuitive women and children.

Visit Bonnie at Diamond Pathways and

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Well thought out!

Lorraine Ellington

Very informative!

Very informative!

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Great information in this course!

Eileen Bild

So inspiring to know the strategies and exercises are well received by children and there is concrete results.

So inspiring to know the strategies and exercises are well received by children and there is concrete results.

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