• Did You Know?

    One out of every four people live with a diagnosed mental illness-450 million worldwide (World Health Organization).

  • Powerful Tools

    Learn how to compassionately understand people you know or work with (including yourself) with mental health issues.

  • Be a Light

    Learn ways to begin dialogue and conversation in your community towards ending the stigma of mental health.

Remove the Stigma

Why is there still a stigma when discussing Mental Health challenges openly?

In this course, Natasha Pierre candidly describes her journey back to mental health. She shares the message that you are not your mental diagnosis. With courage and hope she shows how you or you or your loved ones can live a fulfilling life and learn how to make healthful choices that will support positive mental health.

The stigma of living in silence and shame needs to end; this course shows how spirituality and mindfulness can help. 

This course is for faith-based leaders and spiritual leaders looking to help reduce the stigma of mental illness in their communities.

In this course you'll learn: 

  • How health and nutrition impacts our mental health
  • Natural remedies and practical daily practices you can apply daily to improve your mental health
  • The diagnosis process and how as a patient you can be your own best advocate by talking openly about mental health and by educating yourself and others
  • How to show compassion for those with mental illness
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Chapter 1 Foundations of Mental Health Study Guide

    • Introduction to Foundations of Mental Health

  • 2

    Natasha Pierre, My Story

    • Chapter 2 Natahsa Pierre, My Story Study Guide

    • My Story

  • 3

    Mental Health vs. Mental Illness

    • Chapter 3 Mental Health vs. Metal Illness Study Guide

    • Mental Health vs. Mental Illness

  • 4

    Diagnosis &Treatment Methods

    • Chapter 4 Diagnosis & Treatment Methods Study Guide

    • Diagnosis

    • Treatment Methods

    • Non-Traditional Remedies

  • 5

    Faith Based Leadership and Mental Health

    • Faith Based Leadership Study Guide

    • Faith Based Leadership and Mental Health


Natasha Pierre


Natasha Pierre holds a certification in BOE self-advocacy, and is a work readiness Trainer. She earned a degree in mass communications at Duquesne University and work incentive planning certifications from Cornell University. Natasha is an advocate for Mental Health and her goal is to end the stigma and open up the dialogue and conversation surrounding issues that affect so many people. Natasha's passion for mental health has led her to be an advocate for people living with various mental illnesses, and has allowed her to coach and to support combat veterans - the BRAVEST among us.