Rediscover the Real You

Learn to reconnect yourself to the highest source of consciousness.

This course breaks the process of quickly releasing karma into specific and concrete steps about how to recognize when you are dealing with Karmic patterns, and how you can break these patterns consciously in your own life.

A Practical Process

When your soul is calling you to do one thing but your survival instincts and human needs are calling you to something else Karma is created by this blocked energy. In this course you will learn that releasing Karma requires unconditional self love, and an allowing of source to flow through.

If you are considering a ministerial or spiritual leadership path then the importance of your own personal power and divinity within you is critical if you are to lead others and teach others.

  • Introductory techniques to help you to speed up the karmic release process, while create peace and change in your life.

  • Explore karmic blocked energies (cause and effect) and how it is you have started something that has not finished yet in terms of effect.

  • Learn why Karma is always fear based; learn to free yourself from fear.


Kira Leskew

Kira Leskew is a speaker that can combine practical business theory with high performance through meditation. Kira Leskew is the only person in the world that has a Jonah for Process Flow Optimization and has more than 12000 hours of meditation practice. Kira has used her skills and training at optimizing constraints to apply to how entrepreneurs and business leaders can maximize their personal and business performance by optimizing their own mental and emotional state.

Break the Cycle & Free Yourself

Ready to break the cycle of negativity and free yourself from ancestral family patterns or negative interactions? This course will introduce you to an empowering method to change your vibrations and raise your consciousness.

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